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n-tech Research

a NanoMarkets Company

A Leading Provider of Market Research and Industry Analysis Focused on the Commercial Opportunities Within Advanced and Highly Functional Materials

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About Us

Who is n-tech Research?

Provider of industry analysis, market forecasting and insights into opportunities presented by advances in highly functional and smart materials in support of key initiatives in sustainability, efficiency and the transition to a more fully connected society.  Founded in 2004 as NanoMarkets, the firm has issued over 500 market studies that have been sold to a global roster of who’s who in specialty chemicals, materials, electronics, energy, building products and related companies.

Our Offering:

We provide the markets where we operate a credible source of industry analysis, forecasting, segmentation, and assessments of the opportunities and potential of client target operating and investment segments. Our clients receive focused analysis free of the fluff and page filling text scraped from websites or generated by AI.

Our products and services can be purchased as a comprehensive program, in reports, or market or product/materials specific forecasts.


Our Approach:

Our approach to analysis begins with conducting research that considers and evaluates the multiple factors that drive or hinder market performance.  We account for the current state of technology and materials, demand patterns, macro and micro trends, installed base, shipments, alternatives and more. We apply our decades of experience in analyzing and forecasting markets to apply a sanity check that less senior analysts often eschew in favor of excel models based on simplistic formulas that are designed to push out never-ending growth forecasts.

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