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Provider of industry analysis, market forecasting, and insights into opportunities presented by advances in highly functional and smart materials in support of key initiatives in sustainability, efficiency, and the transition to a more fully connected society.  Founded in 2004 as NanoMarkets, the firm has issued over 500 market studies that have been sold to a global roster of who’s who in specialty chemicals, materials, electronics, energy, building products and related companies.

Our reports and services are designed to validate and forecast the opportunities and challenges in meeting current future market demands based on key drivers including sustainability, decarbonization, supply chain disruption, geopolitical issues and other major market trends. Our client roster is a who’s who of companies in specialty chemicals, materials, electronics applications and manufacturing.


We provide granular market forecasts of opportunities within selected markets in terms of volumes, revenues, types and geographies

Market Reports

Market studies focused on the technologies, applications and segments related to our sector forecasts. Non-LLM or AI generated content

Deep Dives

We can dig deeper into markets beyond the levels of our syndicated forecasts to deliver a more detailed look into subsegments


Do you have a particular market segment that requires a forecast and analysis that falls outside of a traditional/off the shelf offering?


Smart Coatings and Materials Coverage

n-tech Research provides forecasts for the global smart and highly functional coatings and materials marketplace.  We address smart coatings and materials and their use within 8 vertical markets and 15 application areas.

Forecasts include revenues, shipments, pricing, TAM & SAM, application area, global and regional breakouts. Additional breakouts according to material specific or subcategory are also available upon request.

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Global Smart Coatings Market

Smart Coatings Research

In this report, n-tech Research forecasts the market for self-cleaning coatings through 2028. Forecasts are expressed in volumes, revenues, applications and sub-material type. Data is presented globally as well as regionally.

We offer data only or data with analysis of trends in materials and markets. Excel sheets included with all purchases

elf-Cleaning Smart Coatings Markets 2022-2027

Self-Cleaning Coatings Markets

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