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n-tech Research is a leading provider of market research and industry analysis for the advanced materials sector, with a special focus on the latest functional and smart materials and their use within multiple verticals including aerospace, automotive, building products, electronics, energy, manufacturing, medical and more. The company is the next evolution of NanoMarkets and represents a rebrand and more from what has been an extremely successful firm that started back in 2004.

Our reports and services are designed to validate and forecast the opportunities and challenges in meeting current future market demands based on key drivers including sustainability, decarbonization, supply chain disruption, geopolitical issues and other major market trends. Our client roster is a who’s who of companies in specialty chemicals, materials, electronics applications and manufacturing.

Our reports are produced in the US by local research management in partnership with globally based analysts


Robert Nolan


Lawrence Gasman

Principal (Retired)


Why n-tech Research

n-tech Research’s approach to analyzing market and technology opportunities is based on understanding of the industry value chains. We believe that in order to deliver quality research results it is important to understand the issues faced at each link in the business ecosystem. Our analysis also takes account of the latest scientific research, current R&D work, the evolution of manufacturing systems, consumer and business demand patterns, the availability of finance as well as current governmental policies and societal impetuses.

At n-tech we believe that it is impossible for any analyst firm to properly cover a market by failing to account for each of these matters in their analysis. Our commentaries are tempered by our team’s many years of experience in analyzing markets; we have seen many technological cycles of ebb and flow and understanding the best strategies to employ at each part of the cycle.

We believe that every company occupies a unique position in the market, and each has its own appropriate goals and strategies. Our services are therefore flexible enough to provide the solution most appropriate for our customers’ needs. n-tech Research offers its clients a range of services including syndicated reports as well as customizable consulting solutions that address the entire market including materials, production technologies and applications.

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