Global Smart Coatings Market 2021-2026

Global Smart Coatings Market
n-tech Research sees the global smart coatings market surpassing $22 billion in revenues in 2026 Anti-icing Self-healing Anti-corrosion Anti-fouling Self-cleaning Anti-drag SHM and smart skins Electrochromic SPD PCM coatings Other self-dimming Color-shifting coatings Smart anti-microbials Solar paint Camouflage From the n-tech Research database, Global Smart Coatings   Related Reports from n-tech Research Global Smart Coatings [...]

BASF Has Important Pieces of the Smart Antimicrobial Puzzle

BASF already has several antimicrobial polymer products in its HyGentic line which use integrated silver ions.  In addition, it has a presence in self-cleaning and self-healing coatings, and also has invested in SLIPS Technologies which is developing an “omniphobic” coating as a surface lubricant. The SLIPS investment suggests to us that BASF has a strong [...]