Revisiting Smart Windows

n-tech Research has been providing coverage of the smart windows market for more than a decade. Throughout the period of coverage, we have seen the market (like so many others) receive its fair share of hype and inevitable failure to achieve what was initially promised. The concept of smart windows began with window films and

micro-led markets

Micro-LED Displays vs LCD and OLED

This posting examines the advantages of micro-LED displays technology vs established LCD and OLED solutions. Micro-LEDs are essentially LED light sources we use now for lighting purposes, but with dimensions less than 100 um. Shrinking LED die dimensions causes some bad consequences (harder to handle, efficiency drop due to larger ratio of sidewalls to lighting

micro-led markets

MicroLED Presentation Slides

On June 28th, Dr. Boris Kobrin gave a MicroLED presentation at the 2018 QLED & Advanced Display Summit at Hollywood. To download a copy of the slides, Please Click Here n-tech Research projects that the global microLED market will grow to over $10.7 billion in 2022  

Self Cleaning Technologies for Solar Panels

This white paper discusses self cleaning technologies for solar panels to reduce contamination and maintaining high levels of efficiency in all climate zones, and especially within hot and dust-intensive arid countries.  In the paper we review some existing self cleaning technologies for solar panels as well as emerging methods to solve the problem. 3 major

Global Smart Windows Market

Bringing Smart Windows and IoT Together

nano-0418-sample-smart-windows Smart Windows and IoT The “smart” in “smart windows” is changing from meaning just “self-dimming” to including higher levels of functionality, intelligence and the use of use of automation technology, or bringing smart windows and IoT together.  n-tech believes that the melding of smart windows and iot will allow smart window firms to capitalize

Self-Healing Materials Trends, Biomaterials and Biomimetics Growing in Importance

Several trends have emerged in the self-healing materials market since n-tech published its latest report on self-healing materials, “Markets for Self-healing Materials 2017-2024.”  We have identified three important self-healing materials trends, (1) the growing role of biomaterials and biomimetics in the design and creation of self-healing materials, (2) improving performance from commercial products and (3)

New Opportunities in Radiation Detection Equipment Materials Markets

Since n-tech Research published its previous report, our research indicates that new opportunities are appearing in both the radiation detection equipment market and the related materials market. New Opportunities in the Radiation Materials Market Sodium iodide (NaI) detectors continue to be dominant. Improvements on the NaI theme including such things as polycrystalline NaI(TI) structures. n-tech

The Evolving Opportunity for Smart Antimicrobials

Smart antimicrobials are a class of organic or inorganic materials that achieve antimicrobial functionality through mechanisms that might be considered to be “smart.”  We take this to mean that they exhibit an inherent stimulus-response mechanism that acts in manner that is appropriate and proportional to the microbial threat.  Smart anti-microbials are of many kinds, but

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