Color Shifting Markets? Buildings and Cars, and Everyone Else

Our views on the markets for color-shifting technologies add up to a current market size of roughly $380 million, but ramping up fast: exceeding $1 billion by 2019, approaching $2 billion by 2020, and nearly $4 billion by 2022. The biggest segment is in construction — there’s a lot of surface to cover on a building wall — which we see representing a little more than half the market today and through our eight-year forecast. We expect automotive use of color-shifting technologies will grow substantially, from about 20% of the market today to nearly a third by the end of our forecast.

Brand protection is currently the third-biggest segment, but we don’t see this as much of a high-growth area, mainly because of the small amount of material used. It’s currently about a quarter of the marketplace but will only double in value through 2022. Where we see the biggest growth in terms of revenues throughout our forecast is in clothing and textiles, which we see at just at just 3% of today’s color-shifting market but rising to more than 7% by 2022. At the bottom end is the market for sensors, which as described above as very low-end and low-margin areas.