The Evolving Building Integrated Photovoltaics Market

n-tech Research has witnessed the progression of technologies and products and suppliers into—and more often, out of—the BIPV market over the past six years. This market, as we see it now, is in a transition where it and must refine its messaging to an end-user base with shifting priorities.

More than ever, BIPV needs to be sold—and technologically developed—with an emphasis on aesthetics and what can be called its “smart” capabilities, vs. simply energy generation.

While energy efficiency is – and will remain – an important factor shaping sales of BIPV products.  This means that in the future there will be more dimensions along which BIPV firms can compete.  These, for example, would include color, transparency and substrate conformability.

We predict an acceleration toward truly integrated BIPV products within a building envelope, and a reshaping of manufacturing strategies and supply chains to develop and deliver these products.

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