n-tech Outlook on Electrochromic Coatings Markets Sees $1.33 billion in 2030, 24.5% CAGR

In this report, n-tech Research provides a market forecast, analysis, and outlook for electrochromic coatings, which we project to reach $1.33 billion in 2030, 24.5% CAGR.  Sectors addressed include Aerospace, Automotive, and Construction.

Electrochromic coatings offer adaptive control over light transmission, providing energy savings and enhancing comfort. These coatings reduce HVAC loads, mitigate solar heat gain, and optimize daylighting by regulating sunlight and glare. These coatings contribute to broader sustainability goals by minimizing energy consumption and reducing reliance on artificial lighting and climate control systems.  While they are utilized in automotive in aerospace, the overwhelming majority of the business is driven by construction.

The concept of smart windows dates back well over a decade, with talk of dynamic glass solutions that could be controlled to adjust at predetermined times or external conditions.  Aside from the vastly improved aesthetics provided over thermochromic solutions, the concept fit well with smart building paradigm that emerged roughly at the same time.

Cost though has been a long-term issue for electrochromic glass, with the improved efficiency, tenant comfort, and control factor benefits unable to offset the price premium dynamic glass entails.   The market promised by so many for so long never quite materialized.

The decarbonization mandates that are in effect are providing some better justifications for the solution.  Global energy consumption associated with heating, air conditioning, and lighting of buildings and houses is about 40%.  Net Zero compliance requires building owners to operate energy neutral structures with no additional carbon emissions.  Non compliance means fines, which creates an impetus for owners to consider previously more expensive solutions.  Retrofitting buildings is an expensive and unattractive prospect so new builds remain the biggest market impetus.   The cost premiums have declined to the point that dynamic, controllable windows are far more more attractive today than in the past.


Electrochromic Coatings Markets


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