Doug Goldstein

Doug Goldstein is an Associate Analyst at n-tech Research and possesses twenty plus years of business-to-business sales, marketing, and development across multiple industry verticals including electronics, displays, aerospace, medical, packaging, industrial, energy and building products among others. During his career, Doug has successfully lead development of new high-value products and business lines within segmented markets from inception to maturity, exceeding $20 MM in sales.  His work history includes marketing and business development leadership roles within Eastman Chemical, AzkoNobel, Adhesives Research and Transcontinental Advanced Coatings. He holds an MBA from Wake Forrest University.

Doug has a deep understanding of the business of roll-to-roll coated and converted materials and their applications within key business sectors. He has successfully bridged the technical and commercialization aspects of advanced coatings and materials and adhesives. His experience in market analysis, strategic planning, business development and bringing products to market provides the foundation of his consulting expertise.  He is adept at presenting concepts, analysis and recommendations to all levels of management within R&D, manufacturing, marketing and sales units.