Asia Pacific Building Integrated PV Markets, 2023-2027


n-tech Research is pleased to announce a new report due in April 2021, Building Integrated PV Markets, 2021-2030.  This new report provides updated market forecasts, analysis of new trends driving growth of market opportunities, new technology advancement and market and technology leaders.


The goal of this report is to quantify the market for Asia Pacific Building Integrated PV Markets. The product breakout is roof, wall, and glass and segmented by type. Buildings analyzed are broken out into finer segments; Government, Corporate offices, Educational, Medical, Hospitality, Transportation centers, Factories, Warehouses, MTUs, and Residential homes.

The deliverable consists of a report and accompanying separate spreadsheet. The BIPV market is presented in both value and MW and broken out by type of building and BIPV product.  Clients can purchase the full data set or by product class or major regions.  Individual country deep dives are also available.

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