BIPV Market Forecast and Analysis 2018-2027



Updated report coming in 2021  Inquire about availability

This report provides a detailed worldwide BIPV market forecast in ten-year terms in both revenue ($ Millions) and volume (MW) terms. The report analyzes the demand for BIPV in 13 different nations/regions  worldwide and examines how the BIPV supply structure is evolving.  BIPV roofing, walling and glass are covered in this report, which also includes:

  • An assessment of how much of the BIPV market is met by standard solar panels throughout the forecasting period and how much will consist of BIPV-specific products. In the future, how much of the BIPV business will remain in the hands of local developers, builders and architects and how much will shift to brand name BIPV-specific products?
  • A breakdown of BIPV purchases over the next ten years by type of building. Buildings covered in this analysis include: government-owned offices; corporate HQs; schools, universities and libraries;  hospitals and clinics; hotels and motels; airports, train stations, etc.; multi-tenant buildings; multi-tenant units; luxury homes; factories and warehouses
  • A discussion of the impact of the worldwide reduction in subsidies for BIPV. How much will the resulting decline in demand for BIPV be compensated for by near-zero buildings and solar mandates? Can mandates replace incentive?
  • A future technology assessment for BIPV. Can OPV and thin-film PV make a comeback for BIPV?  Will improved manufacturing processes help to bring down the cost of BIPV panels? If  BIPV doesn’t return to being a technology play, then can integration of BIPV into variety of building products such as windows, tiles, and walls make money for innovative product designs?

Throughout this BIPV market forecast report, we discuss how demand patterns for BIPV are evolving and how these are also changing marketing requirements and business development strategies for BIPV.  We also discuss the business strategies of the leading (and most interesting) firms in the BIPV space. n-tech has a decade of experience covering the BIPV market and an insider knowledge of the market and its economic and technology drivers.  All of this has helped compile this report as has our publications in several related fields, ranging from various next-generation PV technologies to related end markets including smart windows, smart coatings and smart surfaces.