BIPV Siding Markets, 2023-2027



The goal of this report is to quantify the market for BIPV siding and facades in major countries.  Ten countries account for the majority of the BIPV market: US, Germany, the UK, Spain, France, Italy, Scandinavia, Japan, China, and South Korea and are the focus of the report with a total global forecast provided. The product breakout is walls and segmented by type. Buildings analyzed are broken out into finer segments; Government, Corporate offices, Educational, Medical, Hospitality, Transportation centers, Factories, Warehouses, MTUs, and Residential homes.

The deliverable consists of a report and accompanying separate spreadsheet. The BIPV market is presented in both value and MW and broken out by type of building and BIPV product.  Clients can purchase the full data set or by product class or major regions.  Individual country deep dives are also available.

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Executive Summary
E.1 BIPV Current Economics of BIPV
E.2 BIPV Products
E.3 End-user Markets
E.4 n-tech’s Analysis of National BIPV Markets
E.4.1 BIPV in the U.S.
E.4.2 BIPV in China and the Rest of Asia
E.4.3 BIPV in Germany and the Other Parts of Europe

Chapter One: Introduction
1.1 Goal of this Report
1.2 Methodology of this Report
1.3 Scope of this Report
1.4 Plan of this Report

Chapter Two: BIPV: Value Proposition and Drivers
2.1 The Politics of BIPV
2.2 Aesthetics vs. Energy Generation
2.3 Costs: Another Changing Factor
2.3.1 The BIPV Premium and BIPV Cost Competitiveness
2.4 Development of BIPV Standards
2.5 Resilience against Local Shading
2.6 Special Installation Requirements
2.7 Monitoring and Maintenance of BIPV
2.8 Standard PV Issues as they Impact BIPV

Chapter Three: BIPV Products

3.3 BIPV Walls & Facades
3.5 Supply Chain for BIPV Products
3.6 Some Notes on Materials

Chapter Four: National Markets for BIPV
4.1 United States
4.1.1 The Future of BIPV in the United States
4.1.2 The Importance of California and Federal Regulation in the BIPV Equation
4.2 A Note on BIPV in Canada
4.3 A Note on BIPV in Mexico
4.4 Europe
4.4.1 The European BIPV Market
4.4.2 Germany
4.4.3 France
4.4.4 Spain
4.4.5 Italy
4.4.6 Scandinavia
4.4.7 United Kingdom
4.5 China
4.5.1 PV and BIPV in China
4.6 Japan
4.7 South Korea
4.7.1 BIPV and the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG)
4.7.2 Other BIPV Buildings in Seoul

Chapter Five: Forecasting—Arguments and Assumptions
5.1 Sources of Data on PV
5.2 Penetration of BIPV
5.3 Pricing
5.4 Breakouts by Type of Building
5.5 Types of BIPV Module
Acronyms and Abbreviations Used In this Report
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List of Exhibits

Exhibit E-1: Current State of BIPV Product Evolution
Exhibit 2-1: Factors Shaping BIPV in the Market
Exhibit 2-2: BIPV: Aspects of Competitiveness
Exhibit 3-1: Actual and Potential BIPV Products
Exhibit 3-2: Organizations Participating in the BIPV Supply Chain

Excel tables provide breakouts of technologies, applications and markets by $ and MW

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BIPV Siding Markets, 2023-2027
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