BIPV Technologies and Markets 2017-2024


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Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) is being re-booted.  Originally a strategy to hide ugly solar panels, then a way to create spectacular architectural effects, BIPV is now being repositioned as a multi-functional building product with a broad addressable market.  This “third-generation” BIPV can – as in the Tesla offering – provide a sustainable energy source combined with an attractive high-end building product at a cost that is less than buying the energy source and building product separately.

Total BIPV Commercial Markets $million

n-tech Research has been following the evolution of the Building Integrated Photovoltaics business for almost a decade and predicted the rise of this new generation of BIPV.  In n-tech’s latest report on BIPV we examine the current prospects for BIPV and the trials it must still face on the way to commercialization.  This report:

  • Provides ten-year forecasts of BIPV shipments and revenues with breakouts by product type (tiles, windows, etc.), type of building (commercial, residential, etc.) and technology (c-Si, OPV, etc.) and key geographies
  • Identifies winning strategies in the BIPV business including both product/marketing and supply chain evolution.  The discussion includes the BIPV-related activities of glass, specialty chemical and solar panel firms
  • Examines the technology that is likely to power next-generation BIPV, especially whether OPV, DSC and CIGS will ever keep their promise to succeed as part of a BIPV boom.
  • Considers the opportunities for BIPV businesses to make money through integration of their products with smart lighting and smart windows as well through the strategic use of battery storage.
  • Addresses the BIPV market on an international basis with consideration for the special subsidies and economic factors that are promoting BIPV.

n-tech Research believes that this report will be a must-read for marketing, business development, and product management executives in the following sectors:

  • Solar panels and specialty BIPV
  • Roofing and walling products
  • Flat glass products and windows
  • Specialty chemicals and smart materials
  • Construction and architecture
  • Energy management