Multifunctional Smart Coatings and Surfaces Markets 2022-2027


In this report n-tech provides forecasts of multifunctional smart coatings and surfaces Markets through 2027


In this report we examine various end-user sector where multifunctional smart coatings and surfaces are already being used or will be in the near future.  For each of these sectors we present a market forecast and also show how multifunctional smart products have a market fit with current sector wide trends.  Specifically, we show which combinations of smart functionalities will be the most productive in terms of revenue generation.

Our forecasts of multifunctional coatings comprise detailed projections of volume (in square meters and units) and revenue (in $ millions), broken down by:

  • End user sector
  • Type of functionality and product
  • Material and technology


In this report, we analyze the market for this emerging class of multifunctional smart coatings and related surfaces. The coverage includes:

Materials evolution. This report covers materials based on inorganic, organic and biological materials, as well as man-made materials – composites and metamaterials.

Multifunctionality represents an environment in which coatings may have to transcend conventional coatings technologies. The report looks at both multifunctionality delivered through multi-layered coatings as well as materials that are intrinsically multifunctional.  And, although the focus of this report is on the market for coatings, we also discuss the competition between smart multifunctional materials and sensor-embedded surfaces.

Applications and end-user markets for multifunctional coatings.  This report identifies the applications areas where n-tech believes multifunctional coatings and surfaces have a real opportunity to move beyond the lab to high-volume commercial applications. In this report we discuss those areas where multifunctional coatings are already being used or are under serious consideration – the automotive industry, aerospace, healthcare and medicine, and construction.

We also analyze how multifunctional coatings will also be used in other industries such as textiles, electronics and consumer products.

Purchasers shall receive a report and Excel sheet with forecast data and tables as part of their purchase

Subsegment data sets also available across material sets and verticals.  Please contact us

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