Radiation Detection Equipment Markets – 2022 to 2027


In this report, n-tech Research forecasts the global radiation detection equipment markets through 2027


This data set provides n-tech’s latest forecasts and analysis of the radiation detection equipment market. The radiation detection business remains strongly focused on medical markets and industrial radiography, but we are also seeing important new opportunities emerge.

This study:

Provides forecasts (in both volume and value terms) of equipment in key applications including medical, homeland security, military, R&D, oil and mining, nuclear power, scrap metal, food irradiation, etc.  The markets are also broken out by geography.  A separate materials forecast is also available.

Includes a broad range of radiation detection equipment, from personal dosimeters and handheld devices to radiation detection portals, radiation detection networks and drone-mounted devices.

This new report builds on the ten years that n-tech has been covering the radiation detection equipment and materials markets.  n-tech believes that this report will be a must-read for marketing, business development, and product management executives at specialty chemical companies, electronics firms, medical systems suppliers  and the energy industry as well as in the radiation detection business itself.

Purchasers will receive a report and Excel sheet with forecasts and tables.  

Subsegment data sets broken out be the following are also available:

Device Type:

Safety and security detectors
Area Monitors
Survey Meters
Portal Monitors, Fixed
Portal Monitors, Portable
Backpack systems
Contamination Monitors


Nuclear Power
Food Industry
Industrial Radiography
Oil and Mining
High Energy Physics
Security and Military
Medical Imaging