Radiation Detection Materials Markets 2022-2027, Individual Materials Segments



In this data set n-tech Research updates its forecasts of the radiation detection materials market. A companion equipment data set is also available.  This product includes granular forecasts of radiation detection materials, looking both at volume of material required and revenues. Forecasts are available by specific material type within their use in applications, and geographic demand


NaI scintillators
Cesium Iodide crystals
Thin film scintillators
Lanthanam-based materials
Other simple salts
CLYC-based materials
Oxide-based materials
Silicate-based materials
Yittrium-based materials
Plastic scintillators


Domestic security
Nuclear power
Medical imaging
Oil and mining

Purchasers receive a report and Excel sheet with forecasts and tables of their selected material.  Need more than one material?  See our full Radiation Detection Materials Data

Individual Breakouts by technology, application, material or geography also available.  Please inquire for details.