Markets for Self Healing Materials: 2017–2024


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Updated version coming in 2021.  Inquire on availability 

This report from n-tech revisits the market potential for self-healing materials from our last full market report that was issued in May of 2015.  (See here)   Self-healing is an area of smart coatings and materials with significant market potential.  In our previous analysis we projected a market potential of $2.7 billion ($US) by 2020.  However, in any market with significant upside there are new developments, entrants, approaches and insights.  The analysis within the report accounts for these and more.

This report quantifies the markets for self-healing materials in electronics, construction, automotive energy, medical, military and aerospace applications.  The types of materials covered comprise reversible polymers, shape memory materials, vascular systems, capsule-based systems and biologically based materials.  We also take a look at newer types of self-healing materials.  In the analysis we evaluate how individual markets have evolved as well as the progress and suitability of the various technical approaches new and old.

The report provides eight-year revenue forecasts for self-healing materials in all of the applications covered with breakouts for the various types of self-healing materials.  We also discuss the business models currently being employed by the firms focused on opportunities in the self-healing materials space, as well who we think will enter this space in the next few years.

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