Smart Surfaces in Transportation 2023-2027



This report addresses the market potential for smart surfaces within the transportation sector comprising automobiles and trucks and aerospace.  In these areas, smart surfaces play a critical element in meeting sustainability challenges, improving performance and expanding communications and other functions interesting to markets. The data within this report can be paired with n-tech Research’s report on smart coatings in the transportation sector or as a standalone.  Purchasers of this product will receive an excel sheet and accompanying analysis of the trends, technologies and market potential for transportation smart surfaces.

Forecasts are presented in volumes and value terms for smart surfaces in the transportation industry.  Where possible, we provide breakouts by materials and sensing type.  Coverage includes surfaces with self-cleaning, anti-fouling, anti-corrosion, de-icing, anti-microbial, self-healing, smart vehicle glass, touch sensitive functions.

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Smart Surfaces in Transportation 2023-2027
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