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Published July 20, 2021

This new Smart Windows Market report analyzes and forecasts where the revenues and volume shipments will be generated over the next 10 years. The report also forecasts the application opportunity area with respect to smart windows. The smart windows technologies that are covered in this report include both active and passive technology. In active technology we have covered SPD (Suspended Particle Devices), liquid crystals, and electrochromic technologies. While in passive technology, we have covered thermochromic and photochromic technologies. The report also forecasts revenues for key application areas focusing on the opportunities in respective segments. Finally, the report will discuss the cost associated with smart windows and how that can be deciding factor for this market.

In the Smart Windows Market report, we also (1) segment the building application area, which we expect the largest area, into residential and commercial buildings, and further providing an opportunity analysis of the same, and (2) discuss the impact of IoT and smart sensors on the smart windows market. Apart from buildings, the report also discuss about smaller yet growing application areas such as automotive and aerospace, and the impact IoT and cost will have on these areas. Lastly, we have included a section on healthcare, which has some interesting uses of smart windows and is another small yet growing application area.

In addition to an analysis of the technologies related to smart windows, this report also contains strategic profiles of leading vendors and startups active in the smart windows space.  In these profiles we discuss the product/market strategies employed by companies targeting the smart windows market.  This report is designed to guide business development executives, product managers, investors and others to recognize key opportunity areas in the smart windows market.

This report is scheduled for August 2021 release. Contact us to be updated with additional information.


Executive Summary
E.1 Smart windows: What has changed since 2018 and what we expect in future
E.1.1 Future growth areas and key drivers
E.2 Smart windows: SPD, liquid crystals, and electrochromic technology
E.3 Smart windows: Key application areas
E.3.1 Building energy efficiency and impact of regulations
E.3.2 Benefits of smart windows in heathcare
E.4 Analysis of investment in smart windows
E.4.1 Major firms
E.4.2 Venture capital
E.4 Summary of smart windows market forecasts
E.4.1 Market breakout by Geographies

Chapter One: Introduction
1.1 Background of this report
1.2 Objectives and scope of this report
1.3 Methodology of report
1.3.1 Forecast Methodology
1.4 Plan of this report

Chapter Two: Smart Windows: Developments, Technologies and Ecosystem
2.1 Market drivers: Building energy efficiency and impact of regulations
2.1.1 Growing focus on climate change, energy efficiency and impact of regulations
2.1.2 The status of automotive market
2.1.3 Benefits of smart windows in healthcare
2.2 Smart Windows Ecosystem
2.2.1 Supply chain and key manufacturing regions
2.2.2 Partnerships and developments
2.2.3 Companies that shut the door and how the market has evolved
2.3 Smart windows technologies
2.3.1 SPD, liquid crystals, and electrochromic technologies
2.3.2 Growth of electrochromic technology
2.3.3 Pros and cons of SPD
2.3.4 Passive technologies
2.4 Future of smart windows
2.4.1 Further growth of electrochromic technology
2.4.2 New prospects when combined with IoT and sensors
2.4.3 Developments in automatic smart windows (switching) space
2.4.4 Opportunity areas
2.5 Tracking cost of smart windows and its impact on uptake
2.6 Key projects and initiatives
2.7 Key conclusions from this chapter

Chapter Three: Smart Windows Technologies and Five-year Forecasts
3.1 Smart windows technologies: Active vs passive
3.2 Active technologies: SPD, PDLC and EC
3.3 SPD
3.3.1 Pros and cons of SPD
3.3.2 Five-year forecasts of SPD smart windows
3.4 PDLC
3.4.1 Five-year forecasts of PDLC smart windows
3.5 EC
3.5.1 Growth and future prospects of EC
3.5.2 Five-year forecasts of EC smart windows
3.6 Passive technologies
3.6.1 Advantages and disadvantages of passive technologies
3.6.2 Five-year forecasts of smart windows with passive technologies
3.7 Key conclusions from this chapter

Chapter Four: Smart Windows Application Areas and Five-year Forecasts
4.1 Application in construction and buildings
4.1.1 Key laws and regulation that impacts construction
4.1.2 New expected developments on energy efficiency and climate change
4.1.3 Commercial vs residential adoption
4.1.4 Adoption in healthcare sector
4.1.5 Five-year forecasts of smart windows in construction and buildings segment
4.2 Automotive
4.2.1 Current status of smart windows in automotive segment
4.2.2 Five-year forecasts of smart windows in automotive
4.3 Aerospace
4.3.1 Five-year forecasts of smart windows in aerospace
4.4 Other transport
4.4.1 New development areas
4.4.2 Some key projects and initiatives
4.5 Other areas
4.5.1 Key other areas of note and future prospects
4.6 Key conclusions from this chapter

Chapter Five: Smart Windows Market by Region/Country
5.1 Developments in North America
5.1.1 Opportunities in the US
5.1.2 How expected climate policies may impact the market
5.2 Developments in the EU and the UK
5.2.1 Regulations and its impact on EU – tracking impact vs uptake
5.2.2 Growth and developments in Rest of Europe
5.3 Developments in Asia-Pacific
5.3.1 Growth and developments in China
5.3.2 Is there an opportunity for global players in China
5.5 Other smart windows markets of note
5.6 Five year forecast of smart windows markets by country/region
5.7 Key conclusions from this chapter

Chapter Six: Vendor Profiles
6.1 View Inc.
6.2 Research Frontiers
6.3 Kinestral Technologies Inc.
6.4 SageWindows
6.5 Heliotrope
6.6 SWITCH Materials Inc.
6.7 Nodis Pte Ltd.
6.8 RavenWindow
6.9 Gentex Corporation
6.10 Pleotint LLC
6.11 Smartwindows International Limited
6.12 ChromoGenics
6.13 Others
6.14 Key conclusions from this chapter

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