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Smart Windows Materials Markets: 2023-2027



n-tech Research is the leading industry analyst firm providing coverage of the smart windows materials and systems  sectors, having published market analysis in this area for over a decade.  This report identifies the opportunities for materials sold into smart windows markets. This new materials focused study:

  • Provides forecasts of smart windows materials breakouts by type of material (electrochromic, photochromic, thermochromic, SPD, PDLC and emerging technologies) in both volume (square meters) and value ($ millions) terms and by end user markets ( construction, automotive, public transportation and aerospace).
  • Predicts the commercial implications of the research on self-dimming materials being carried out around the world as technologists identify materials and techniques for smart window platforms that will lead to decreased cost, increased durability, and enhanced features for smart windows.
  • Discusses how materials strategies can help reduce the cost of smart windows, which has long been considered the key impediment to further market penetration.
  • Analyzes the role for polymer-based substrates in the smart windows sector and as a key enablers for retrofitted smart windows.


n-tech Research believes that this report will be a must-read for marketing, business development, and product management executives in the following sectors:

•    Smart windows manufacturers
•    Conventional windows suppliers
•    Flat glass products
•    Specialty chemicals, polymer and smart material firms
•    Construction and architectural firms
•    Energy management companies

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Smart Windows Materials Markets: 2023-2027
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