Glen Allen, VA:  n-tech Research has issued a report on the smart coatings market that is available for download from the firm’s website at ; The report, “Smart Coatings, An Emerging Market Opportunity” report was drawn from the firm’s comprehensive coverage of the growing smart coatings and materials market and provides an assessment and forecast of where n-tech sees opportunities for chemicals and materials companies emerging.   n-tech projects that the smart coatings market will grow from around $610 million in 2015 to $5.8 billion in 2020.

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About the Report:

The report analyzes the markets for smart coatings in key sectors of the economy including construction, energy, automotive, healthcare, consumer electronics, textiles and the military.  Coverage includes relatively mature smart coatings (e.g., self-cleaning coatings), along with latest materials such as smart multi-layer coatings. The report provides an eight-year forecast in value ($ millions) terms for the overall smart coatings market.

About the n-tech Smart Materials Program:

Our Smart Materials research program addresses the key markets for companies with focus on material functionality and their application to various vertical markets and product solution.  The can be purchased individually or as a subscription.

Our reports identify current and future market opportunities in the smart materials business.  N-tech’s comprehensive analysis reflects today’s smart materials realities and tomorrow’s profitable possibilities. The reports provide marketing and business development executives with guidance on how to develop business models fine-tuned to the emerging smart materials market.  And they are candid assessments of the market; not just data dumps from the Internet.

n-tech’s reports complement internal product planning and technology road-mapping and can provide low-cost knowledge enhancement for firms at all levels of the smart materials supply chain.  They can also serve to validate internal smart materials market strategies or to provide a third party assessment of the prospects for outside investors.

All n-tech reports include detailed revenue and volume forecasts that are based on a tried and tested methodology that has been utilized by n-tech and associated companies going back three decades.  Our forecasts are both believable and provide clients with a deep insight into where the money will be made and lost in the smart materials space over the next eight years.

While reports are our core deliverable, n-tech also carries out custom consulting assignments when our clients need more that detailed assessments of markets and companies.

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About n-tech Research

n-tech Research is the industry’ leading source of market analysis and forecasting for the smart materials space.  Our reports look at the commercial opportunities brought about by advances in materials science and the increasing functionality and performance that “intelligent” materials make possible in their application to energy, electronics, medical, industrial, construction and other industries.

Founded in 2004 as NanoMarkets our firm has been involved with researching nanomaterials, thin-film, printed and organic electronics, conductive materials (inks and coatings) and smart coatings and materials related markets and applications.

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