Glen Allen, VA: Industry analyst firm n-tech Research today announced its latest report titled “Radiation Detection Markets:  A Worldwide Forecast of Materials and Equipment – 2017 to 2026.”  This new study forecasts the market for radiation detection materials and equipment will reach $39.2 billion by 2026. The report is the latest in a series on radiation detection studies from n-tech that dates back to 2011.

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About the Report:

This report provides n-tech’s latest forecasts and analysis of the radiation detection equipment and materials market. n-tech believes that this report will be a must-read for marketing, business development and product management executives at radiation detection business as within specialty chemical companies, electronics firms, medical systems suppliers and the energy industry.  The report:

Provides ten-year forecasts (in both volume and value terms) of both materials and equipment in key applications including medical, homeland security, military, R&D, oil and mining, nuclear power, scrap metal, food irradiation, etc.  The markets are also broken out by geography.

Offers insight into the status of a wide range of materials for detection of gamma rays, x-rays and neutrons. Materials that have been used for decades for gamma and x-ray detection are not going away, but replacement materials are on the horizon.  In the report we provide guidance on how regulatory changes and new materials development will provide major structural changes in the radiation detection materials market.

Includes coverage of a broad range of radiation detection equipment, from personal dosimeters and handheld devices to radiation detection portals, radiation detection networks and drone-mounted devices.  Special attention is given to emerging personal detection devices and the report also investigates, how new materials are being utilized to support the trend towards handheld detection

Identifies the product development strategies of leading equipment and materials suppliers The report also assess the commercial implications of how the latest radiation detection equipment  and materials are speeding up detection, reducing false alarms, and offering more accurate detection and data tracking.  The strategies of leading firms in the radiation detection market are also profiled.

From the Report:

Medical markets continue to dominate radiation detection.  In 2022, medical radiation equipment will account for 74 percent of the entire radiation detection market.  Factors supporting the market for radiation detection equipment include aging populations and regulations that increasingly limit the amount of radiation that patients can be exposed to and therefore require more detection equipment to support their enforcement

Viable substitutes for the standard radiation detection material, NaI, are generating rapidly growing revenues and will reach $2.4 billion by 2022.  These alternative materials now include CsI, CLYC, HPGe, boron, rare earths, silicates, tellurides and polymers.  The applications for all of these materials are extensively discussed the report.  The ultimate goal is a material with better resolution, faster decay time, better resistance to environment and radiation, while maintaining reasonable light yield and cost.  The LBNL scintillator website lists over 564 possible materials, but only a few of these are suitable for commercialization.
Portable radiation devices are becoming a hot item in almost every application, although the markets for these devices are often not huge by radiation detection equipment market standards. For example, about $100 million in revenues will be generated by personal radiation detectors (PRDs) in 2017 rising to $260 million in 2026.  However, Radio Isotope Identification Devices (RIIDs) are often handheld devices and by 2022 the market for RIIDs will exceed $800 million.

About n-tech Research

n-tech Research is the rebrand of industry analyst firm NanoMarkets.  The firm tracks and analyzes emerging markets in energy, electronics and other area created by developments in advanced materials. The firm is a recognized leader in industry analysis and forecasts of the radiation detection market.


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