Glen Allen Virginia:  Industry analyst firm NanoMarkets has begun shipping its latest report on the building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) market titled, “BIPV Wall Markets – 2012.” This report quantifies the potential for wall-attached PV, repurposed BIPV roofing products, BIPV curtain walls and dedicated BIPV siding.  It also discusses future directions for BIPV walling; from integrations with outdoor panel lighting to “solar paint.”  Although negligible today, NanoMarkets sees the BIPV walling market exceeding $1.5 billion ($US) in revenues by 2016.

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NanoMarkets has covered the BIPV market for more than six years; it recently published penetrating analyses of both the BIPV glass and BIPV roofing markets as well as BIPV substrates and encapsulation.

About the Report:

In this report, NanoMarkets identifies the opportunities from  the fastest growing segment of BIPV; BIPV walling products.  For each product type this report contains separate eight-year forecasts with breakouts by value ($ millions), volume (MW) and PV technology.  Other forecasts show which types of buildings and which geographical regions will generate revenues and how this will change over time.

Among the firms discussed within the report include:  BISEM, Dow Chemical, Evonik, Gloria Solar, Guardian Industries, Heliatek, Mage Sunovation, Onyx Solar, Pythagoras, RECKLI, Soladigm, Solar-Wall, Sol-Ice and Tata Steel.

Findings from the Report:

In terms of products specifically designed for BIPV walling, the most developed are BIPV curtain walls; a small niche today, although it will grow to reach around $250 million by 2016.  For the next few years most of the revenues from “BIPV walls” will come from conventional PV panels disguised by architectural features or from “repurposed” BIPV roofing.  Nonetheless, NanoMarkets expects solar panel makers, outdoor wall product firms and start-ups to catch onto the BIPV wall opportunity quite quickly and to respond by designing dedicated products for BIPV walls.  These might be products that can be easily attached to walls or that are plug-in replacements for popular siding or wall tiling options.  NanoMarkets believes that dedicated BIPV siding products will exceed $1 billion in sales by the 2016-2017 period although these sales will come at the expense of conventional solar panels and walling products. NanoMarkets also notes that BIPV siding is an easier business to get into than BIPV roofing, because required product lifetime requirements are much lower for siding than roofing.

The advent of dedicated BIPV walling products is also good news for firms making flexible solar panels with CIGS and OPV/DSC technologies. Flexible panels are inherently lightweight and therefore ideally suited to wall installations.  These technologies also have a smaller reduction in cell performance under indirect or shaded illumination and this again makes them highly suited to wall installations.  Many of the suppliers of these types of PV panels have targeted BIPV walling and by 2016, almost 40 percent of BIPV wall products are expected to be built using CIGS or OPV/DSC.

About NanoMarkets:

NanoMarkets tracks and analyzes emerging markets in energy, electronics and other areas created by developments in advanced materials. The firm is a recognized leader in industry analysis and forecasts of the BIPV industry.

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