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November 09, 2017

Markets for Smart Antimicrobial Coatings and Surfaces – 2017 to 2026

This report from n-tech Research continues the firm’s previous coverage of the smart antimicrobial coatings and surfaces market that has been offered in previous direct and related studies.  In this new report the firm revisits and considers the factors driving demand for smart antimicrobial coatings and surfaces and looks to new potential opportunities.   The report.....

August 25, 2017

Radiation Detection Markets: A Worldwide Forecast of Materials and Equipment – 2017 to 2026

This report provides n-tech’s latest forecasts and analysis of the radiation detection equipment and materials market. The radiation detection business remains strongly focused on medical markets and industrial radiography, but we are also seeing important new opportunities emerge. Viable substitutes for NaI as a radiation detection material are generating more revenues. And in the equipment.....

April 07, 2017

Smart Windows Materials Markets: 2017 – 2026

n-tech Research is the leading industry analyst firm providing coverage of the smart windows sector, having published market analysis in this area for almost a decade.  This report identifies the opportunities for materials sold into smart windows markets. The firm most recently issued study of the smart windows market was issued in November of 2016. .....

Report #Nano-903
February 09, 2017

BIPV Technologies and Markets 2017-2024

Building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) is being re-booted.  Originally a strategy to hide ugly solar panels, then a way to create spectacular architectural effects, BIPV is now being repositioned as a multi-functional building product with a broad addressable market.  This “third-generation” BIPV can – as in the Tesla offering – provide a sustainable energy source combined with.....

Report #Nano-901
January 09, 2017

Markets for Self Healing Materials: 2017–2024

This new report from n-tech revisits the market potential for self-healing materials from our last full market report that was issued in May of 2015.  (See here)   Self-healing is an area of smart coatings and materials with significant market potential.  In our previous analysis we projected a market potential of $2.7 billion ($US) by 2020. .....

Report #Nano-891
October 27, 2016

Smart Windows Markets: 2016-2025

Contact us about our planned update to this report due February 2018 n-tech has been providing coverage of the smart windows market for almost a decade and has produced detailed studies of this market and related businesses including the smart windows materials markets, smart mirrors and smart auto glass. In this report, we present our.....

Report #Nano-883
October 07, 2016

Opportunities for Silver Inks, Pastes and Coatings: 2016 to 2025

This is the latest in n-tech’s series of industry analysis reports on functional silver inks pastes and coatings. In this report we identify the latest opportunities for these materials and the product/marketing strategies that are being deployed by the leading players in this space. Silver inks and coatings suppliers have been quite lucky in the.....

July 27, 2016

Dye Sensitized Cell Markets: 2016-2025

This report identifies the current and future commercial potential for DSC and pinpoints the opportunities that n-tech sees emerging over the next decade. n-tech believes that the use of perovskites for DSC cells and DSC’s cost/performance advantages in markets that have traditionally been dominated by amorphous silicon (a-Si) will boost DSC revenues. The report also.....

Report #Nano-879-1
July 05, 2016

Smart Coatings Markets 2016-2025

n-tech Research has published a compendium report on the smart coatings business since 2011.   And while we have issued more focused studies on more specific coatings and applications this study provides a unique collection of market analysis and forecasting that provides companies a single source of comprehensive smart coatings data. Our 2016 study will continue.....

Report #Nano-877
May 16, 2016

New and Future Markets for Thin-Film Batteries – 2016 to 2025

In this report, n-tech evaluates the opportunities that are emerging for thin-film batteries as they move beyond their traditional applications into the era of wearables and IoT and eventually higher powered applications. The report includes a technical assessment of current and future generations of thin-film batteries including providing guidance on how the performance and feature.....

Report #Nano-879

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