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Market Research and Industry Analysis Focused on Commercial Opportunities for Smart and Highly Functional Materials and Technologies that Enable Smart Coatings and Surfaces

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About Us

Our focus is on commercialization and the ways that companies can monetize their current and planned offerings. We have an extensive data set on the applications for smart and highly functional coatings and surfaces, as well as their underlying materials and technologies and in how they are being utilized in industry segments globally.

We provide a mix of offerings for our clients ranging from full coverage programs, to reports, forecasts and one-one client specific engagements.

What We Offer

Market Forecasting

We provide granular forecasts of opportunities within markets in terms of volumes, revenues, types and geographies

Deep Dives

We can dig deeper into markets beyond the levels of our syndicated forecasts to deliver a more detailed look into subsegments

Annual Services

We provide annual services that are highly flexible to meet client particulars. Full service, data only, customized hybrids


We issue several market reports each year that address specific verticals, technologies, coatings, materials and applications

Customized Solutions

Do you have a particular market segment that requires a forecast and analysis that falls outside of a traditional/off the shelf offering?

Core Research Programs

Smart Coatings

Smart Surfaces

Wish to See Our Full Data Sets?

  • Installed Base Surface Areas
  • Potential market for smart coatings and surfaces per surface type/application (Square meters) and ($millions)
  • Addressable market for smart coatings & surfaces (Millions square meters) TAM & SAM
  • Pricing
  • Frequency of coatings (months):
  • Smart coatings and surfaces shipments (Millions square meters):
  • Smart coating and surfaces markets ($ millions):
  • Smart coating and surface revenues by End User Geography ($ Millions)
  • Forecasts of technologies, active materials by revenue and type
  • Segmentations and forecasts of surface types by revenue, shipments, regions
  • And more…. just ask!!

Coverage Sectors

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