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Forecasts include revenues, shipments, pricing, TAM & SAM, application area, global and regional breakouts. Additional breakouts according to material specificity or subcategory are also available upon request

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n-tech Research provides forecasts for the global smart and highly functional coatings and materials marketplace. We address smart coatings and materials and their use within 8 vertical markets and 15 application areas in this dataset.

  • Installed Base Surface Area
  • Potential market for smart coatings per installation or application (Millions square meters)
  • Addressable market for smart coatings (Millions square meters) and ($ millions)
  • Pricing
  • Frequency of coating (months):
  • Smart coating shipments (Millions square meters) and revenues ($ millions) by vertical and application
  • Revenues by Geography ($ Millions)

Global Smart Coatings Market 2023-2030

In this new offering, n-tech Research provides updated forecasts for the global smart coatings market, which we predict to surpass $23 billion in revenues within the segments covered in 2023. Data shells available for review.

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