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n-tech Research provides market sizing and forecasts of radiation detection equipment and materials across multiple market segments, technologies and materials.  The data can be purchased in a complete database, materials or technology databases or by specific market, technology or material.  Forecasts are broken down by material type, materials demand within application sectors, and geography.  See the categories below.

Purchasers of the data set receive an Excel sheet with forecasts and tables along with a qualitative assessment of the outlook and opportunities.

n-tech Research’s approach to providing data and analysis eschews the watered down web scraping and page filling engaged in by overseas market research factories. Our clients receive well organized spreadsheets, clearly presented forecasts and tables, and credible assumptions about the markets, materials and technologies we cover.  Our qualitative analysis is direct, to the point and doesn’t insult your intelligence or overwhelm you with pages of verbiage culled together by bots and scrapers that contains zero analysis.

Technology Break Outs By:

  • Dosimeters
  • Area Monitors
  • Survey Meters
  • RIIDs
  • Portal Monitors, Fixed
  • Portal Monitors,
  • Portable Backpack Systems
  • Contamination Monitors

Detection Materials Break Out

  • NaI scintillators
  • Cesium Iodide crystals
  • Thin film scintillators
  • Lanthanam-based materials
  • CLYC-based materials
  • Oxide-based materials
  • Silicate-based materials
  • Yittrium-based materials
  • Plastic scintillators
  • Nanocrystalline/other

Industry Break Outs By:

  • Nuclear Power
  • Food Industry
  • Industrial Radiography
  • Oil and Mining
  • High Energy Physics
  • Security and Military
  • Medical Imaging

Data Break Outs By:

  • Shipments
  • Revenues
  • Technology Share
  • Sector
  • Equipment Type
  • Region

Purchase Options

Full Data SetsVerticals Data SetsProduct/Material Data Sets
Full Technology or Materials Coverage:Data set with breakouts according to:Data set with breakouts according to:
Industry SectorsIndividual Industry SectorTechnologies or Material Specific
ShipmentsShipmentsIndustry Sector Deployed
Technology or Material SharesTechnology ShareRevenues
RegionsEquipment  & Materials Types in SectorTechnology Share
All Equipment or MaterialsRegionsRegions

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