Smart Coatings and Surfaces in the Construction Sector

Market Sizing, Analysis and Forecasting of the Opportunities for Companies Supplying Materials, Coatings, Sensors and Electronics to the Construction and Building Products Supply Chain

Why Smart Coatings and Surfaces?

The construction and building products segment has long pursued smart and highly functional surfaces and coatings as a means to support sustainability, enabling smart buildings and homes, both creating energy and making it more efficient, among many other applications.

Sustainability: regulating temperature, improving work and living space conditions, boosting energy efficiency, facilitating clean energy generation, lowering operational costs, extending structural lifetimes, and reducing carbon footprint. 

Enhanced Surface Properties and Functions: Features like self-cleaning, self-healing, antimicrobial detection, anticorrosive, reactive, interactive, and programmable functionalities, all of which enhance occupant comfort and overall building performance.

Cost Savings: Reduce maintenance expenses from corrosion resistance, antimicrobial properties, self-cleaning, and self-healing capabilities.  The means to read and respond to stimuli, generate energy, and effectively meet Net Zero regulations.

Improved Asset Value: Deploying smart coatings and surfaces that leverage reactive materials and technologies improves the longevity, sustainability, and overall performance of the structures deployed.

About Us

n-tech Research provides comprehensive research, analysis, and forecasting of the opportunities presented from the use and growth of smart coatings and surfaces.

We cover the materials, coatings, sensors, electronics, and other enabling technologies that are produced on a global basis across multiple regions, targeted towards industry verticals, applications, and use cases.

  • n-tech provides forecasts and reports that cover surface areas, usage segments, by functions, technologies, etc., volumes, values, regions/country
  • Offer data only or within syndicated reports or annual services as requested by clients
  • Deeper drill-downs on specific technologies and materials are available upon request

What We Offer

Market Forecasting

We provide granular forecasts of opportunities within markets in terms of volumes, revenues, types and geographies

Market Forecasting

We can dig deeper into markets beyond the levels of our syndicated forecasts to deliver a more detailed look into subsegments


We provide annual services that are highly flexible to meet client particulars. Full service, data only, customized hybrids


We issue several market reports each year that address specific verticals, technologies, coatings, materials and applications

Customized Solutions

Do you have a particular market segment that requires a forecast and analysis that falls outside of a traditional/off the shelf offering?

Available Products and Services

Smart Coatings in Construction 2023-2030

Smart Coatings Database

Smart Surfaces in Construction 2023-2030

Smart Surfaces Database



Floors and Ceilings
Glass and Windows
Other Surfaces


Segmented By:
Residential Homes
Commercial Office Spaces
Data Centers
Industrial Properties
Manufacturing Plants


Energy Generation
Structural Health Monitoring
Interactive Surfaces
Adaptive Lighting
Illuminated Surfaces
Acoustic Adaptability
Wireless Communication
Sensor-Driven Spaces
Smart Air Filtering
And More……


Smart Coatings
Smart Glass & Windows
Interactive Surfaces
Energy Capture/Regulation (BIPV etc.)
Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface (RIS)
And More…..

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