Lawrence Gasman is the Principal Analyst at n-tech Research and one of its co-founders. Mr. Gasman has 40 years’ experience of analyzing the commercialization potential of complex technologies and currently manages all of n-tech’s industry research.

For more than a decade Mr. Gasman has focused his interests on identifying the business opportunities in advanced materials and manufacturing and contributes much of the analysis for n-tech’s core research work on smart materials and surfaces. He is also an acknowledged expert on forecasting for high-technology markets in a broad range of industries.

Mr. Gasman’s consulting clients have included multinationals, start-ups and investors and he has advised them on new product introduction, market positioning and strategy, and sales potential. He has also provided due diligence on mergers and acquisitions for his financial clients and serves on the technology advisory board of a major specialty chemicals firm.

Mr. Gasman has also spoken and written widely on the subject of new materials markets. He has spoken at many industry conferences on three continents and authored four books and numerous articles on high-tech markets.

Mr. Gasman was educated at Manchester University, with advanced degrees from the London School of Economics and London Business School.