Robert Nolan is a Co-Founder of n-tech Research and has worked in subject matter areas that include electronics, networking, optical components, advanced materials, energy, additive manufacturing and video gaming. He has launched hundreds of market studies across multiple sectors serving in a variety of leadership roles that have delivered results for companies he has owned, worked for or been retained as a professional service provider.

A professional with demonstrated history of building and managing high-value brands within market research, industry analysis and professional services realm. Highly analytical thinker and creative problem solver with ability to engage in big picture or fine detail thinking in addressing “what’s next.” A collaborative leader who inspires people to provide their unique contributions to satisfy current client and future market needs.

Exceptional intuitive skills and strong situational awareness with expertise in delivering strategic and creative client solutions. Excellent interpersonal, leadership and communication skills with a passion for managing client relationships, building teams, and generating consensus among internal and external partners.