Terms of Service

Terms of Service

n-tech Research is owned by NanoMarkets LC and provides this web site for the convenience of persons interested in the products and services offered by the firm. By using this site, you agree to the provisions of these Terms of Service. You may print out a copy of these terms for your records if you wish. These terms of service may be changed by n-tech Research from time to time in the manner indicated below.

n-tech Research reserves the right to change these terms of service. Such change will be effective upon posting on this web site, except that no such change will apply to any purchase already made or consulting services already contracted at the time of such change in terms.


Except as otherwise specifically disclosed, n-tech Research owns the Copyright on all of the information, graphics, arrangements of information and content on the various pages of this web site. Such information, graphics, arrangements and content are subject to applicable copyright laws. The software used in connection with the site is owned either by NanoMarkets or its software suppliers and is subject to protection under applicable copyright laws and may be subject to protection under other laws protecting intellectual property.


Except as otherwise specifically disclosed, either in the materials to be sold or on this web site, n-tech Research owns the Copyright on all of the various studies and other materials offered for sale. Such materials are protected by applicable copyright laws. Depending upon the purchase being made, what is considered to be “fair use” will vary. n-tech Research’s allowances for “fair use” of purchased materials are specifically described with respect to each item purchased, and such description is a part of the contract between you and NanoMarkets which becomes effective upon making a purchase. The specific terms of the “fair use” applicable to any purchased item may be printed by you at the time of the purchase of the item.


The report is copyright protected and as such, any unauthorized copying, electronically or mechanically, or distribution is prohibited by U.S. and international law. Federal copyright law (Title 17 of the U.S. Code) makes it illegal to reproduce part or all of n-tech Research’s publications without written permission.

The entity, its employees or agents or individual is purchasing a license to gain access to one or more n-tech Research reports.

The Purchaser (and if applicable all employees of his or her company) of this or any other license agrees to restrict its usage of it according to the provisions of the following license agreement. Should the company wish to upgrade the User License, please contact the publisher.


This license is non-transferable. Purchaser agrees to limit its usage to employees of its company, wholly owned subsidiaries or approved on-site contractors. Under no circumstances may the report be shared with outside entities including (but not limited to) suppliers, customers, partners, affiliates, investors or firms that would be deemed competitive to n-tech Research. This license is also not transferable in the event of a sale of the purchaser or its assets.

This license is non-refundable.  Given the highly consumable nature of this product, n-tech Research does not provide refunds for reports after they have been shipped to the report purchaser.

If you are not a licensed purchaser or user of this product then you have no rights to use or be in possession of this report.

Terms of Usage:

n-tech Research recognizes that the Purchaser will want to make “fair use” of the reports purchased from n-tech Research, as such is permitted by applicable copyright law and by your agreement at the time of purchase. n-tech Research has stated the purchase prices and use allowances depending upon the number of persons and or devices that Purchaser may wish to have regular access to a report.  No report may be posted on a company web site unless you purchase an “Enterprise Version.” Of course, no material may be excerpted and used as your own work except as permitted by applicable copyright laws. Paraphrasing of materials and specific quotations may be used in connection with internal reports with appropriate attribution, as would be the case with written materials.

License Options:
For Basic User Licenses:

By purchasing a Basic User, you and your company agree that 1-2 individuals will have access to the report either on-line or as an electronic copy.  The access to or storage of the document shall be limited to one registered computer.  User will have permission to print one copy of the report for personal use but may not be reproduced for distribution.

For Advanced Versions Licenses:

By purchasing an Advanced Version of this report, you and your company agree that the version will be resident on or accessible from up to 10 registered computers. You agree that the report will not be posted on a company web site.  This license will permit a total of 5 printed copies of the report for the licensed users that may not be reproduced for distribution.

For Group Versions:

By purchasing a Group Version of this report, you and your company agree that the version will be resident on or accessible from up to 10 registered computers. You agree that the report will not be posted on a company web site.  This license will permit a total of 10 printed copies of the report that may not be reproduced for distribution.

For Enterprise Versions:

By purchasing a Enterprise Version of this report, you agree that the version will be resident on one of your computers or your intranet site and accessible only by employees who have proper access to such computer or site.

For Academic Versions:

By purchasing an Academic Version you are bound to the license terms of Basic, Advanced or Enterprise/Corporate Versions.  Academic Versions are limited to faculty members or students for educational purposes only.  R&D centers and technology transfer units are not eligible for this version.

In the event of a purchase of Single, Advanced and Group license(s), Purchaser will supply n-tech Research with details of defined users including name and email address.


Any product ordered for shipment is sent by carrier contract. Risk of loss with respect to any such product passes to you at the time of delivery to the carrier.


It is up to you to maintain the privacy of your account information on your computer and in your personal records. The company providing web hosting services to n-tech Research uses secure transmission and retention procedures to maintain reasonable security of information provided through this web site. In addition, account information with n-tech Research is maintained as confidential to the extent possible with respect to its business needs.


n-tech Research accumulates only such information about you as is needed for the purpose of maintaining an account relationship. Where ordering or shipment is permitted by download without payment at the time, then n-tech Research will accumulate such credit information as it deems to be reasonable for its protection. n-tech Research will make such inquiries as it deems appropriate to verify any such information. By registering to purchase products on credit, you authorize n-tech Research to verify all such information.

n-tech Research does not sell or provide any customer information or account information to other parties except as may be necessary or appropriate: (i) to complete a transaction, such as by transmitting credit card or similar information to a card processing service and by providing necessary information to a shipper; (ii) to protect the rights of n-tech Research; (iii) to comply with applicable laws, regulations and court orders; and (iv) to permit processing of the various books and records of n-tech Research. Customer information is strictly for n-tech Research’s own use and the customer’s benefit.

In order for n-tech Research’s web site to identify you properly as a customer, identifying information about you and your account may be placed on your computer.

Information transmitted to NanoMarkets is transmitted by secure encryption in order to protect your information to the extent reasonably possible. Such information is also maintained by n-tech Research in secure fashion to limit access by unauthorized persons.


These terms of service are governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia. If any provision of these terms of service is determined to be unenforceable, such will not affect the other provisions of these terms of service.DISPUTE RESOLUTION

In the event that there is any claim made by you or n-tech Research with respect to these terms of service, including any claim as to the enforceability of any provision of these terms of service, or any products or services purchased from n-tech Research through this web site, such dispute will be determined by arbitration conducted according to the procedures of the American Arbitration Association by a single arbitrator chosen by n-tech Research and agreeable to you. The arbitration will be held in Henrico County, Virginia, and any action to enforce any decision of an arbitrator or concerning any use of this web site or the terms for use of this web site will be brought in a court of competent jurisdiction inHenrico County, Virginia. This arbitration provision will not require n-tech Research to submit to arbitration any claim for infringement of copyright, trademarks or other intellectual property rights, with respect to which the right to invoke applicable statutory enforcement provisions is retained. In addition to any other relief which may be properly awarded, the party substantially prevailing on the merits with respect to any such claim will be entitled to be awarded reasonable attorney’s fees and costs.

Refunds, Exchanges and Cancellation:

Given the highly consumable nature of our information products n-tech Research does not provide refunds or exchanges once the purchased product has been received by the customer. Once a report has been accepted and read the value of the product has been realized.

n-tech Research will accept cancellation of an order provided the customer has not accepted delivery of the product either via electronic or shipment by courier.


n-tech Research ships electronically or through courier to the purchaser or their designated assignee at the time of sale. At no point will NanoMarkets ship a product without confirmed receipt of payment. At no time will n-tech Research ship to a third party without prior approval by both purchaser and n-tech Research.


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